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The first time I met Aletta was when she was a candidate for International Director. I knew then that she would be a wonderful addition to our board.  While our board terms on the board never crossed, as a Past International Director I was invited to work on an active Board of Directors committee on which Aletta also served.  

My first thoughts about her were that she was a sharp, thoughtful, and strategic leader. She is quick to listen and dedicated to understanding. With a keen perception of issues, she repeatedly drove the group to uncover root causes and ensure that we treated core issues and not just symptoms. She is compassionate and forthright, giving a balanced perspective to all involved in a decision. Above all, she is determined to take prudent measures that will advance the work of Toastmasters International.


My time on the committee with Aletta was short and I wished I could have served with her for longer. However, more time wasn't necessary for me to know that I was thoroughly impressed with her abilities on our Board of Directors and that I wanted her to run for 2nd Vice President. She will do a great job as President Elect.

Tracy Thomason, DTM, PID

Past International Director, 2017-2019


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