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It's Not About You

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Leaders are often at the front and centre of projects, teams and activities. As a leader, you are required and expected to be in the spotlight. The best leaders, in my opinion, are those that realise that it's not about them. As a Toastmasters leader, you are there to serve your members. Often, the best way to do so is to get out of the way!

I remember arriving early for my club meeting. I was a club officer and was always looking for a way to help the club get set up for our meetings. Our Sergeant-at-Arms had let us know that he would arrive shortly before the meeting on a regular basis, due to work and traffic. It seemed obvious to me that I could help by setting up the room before he arrived. My intention was good. However, our Sergeant-at-Arms let me know that I was preventing him from doing the job he'd signed up for. He was committed to delivering his tasks. My setting up the room for him, (even with the best of intentions), was depriving him of the opportunity and the satisfaction of fulfilling his role.

I learned that my enthusiasm could get in the way of others serving and growing. I've learned to ask permission before stepping in to take on activities that 'belonged' to another leader. This is a lesson I am grateful to have learned.

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